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you are softer than the clouds above a city that needed rest from the light
you are softer than the air trapped in the eye of the storm
you are softer than a bed of flowers that still belong to the earth

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Arab proverb

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I’ve seriously been feeling like crap about myself lately & I don’t even know why. Like for real tho, I don’t even know what I did to deserve this. Am I that much of a horrible person?

So at work today two of my guy coworkers had this conversation about women ” dude1- she’s upset because I made her a pb&j, she said I should have known that she wanted tuna (her being a 6year old) . Dude2- all women are like that they act like you should know every little thing they want and when they want it. Like I want chocolate now (in a mimicking girls voice) dude2 then turns & tells me that I know that it’s true & that I’m most likely like that too.

Ughhhhhhhhhh shut up boys!


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